What Makes me tick?

Cathy Chung

Married Life

My husband, George, and I met in college and started dating as each of us launched engineering careers in the Boston area. We recently celebrated 30 years with a trip to the Greek islands. 

Cathy Chung

Student & Teacher

I love learning. When my nest emptied, I faced my fear of not measuring up and followed a dream. Now I’m slowly pursuing a Masters of Divinity. I want to absorb as much as possible and share it immediately. If I’m cramming, I’m doing it wrong.


Part of my self-care is a daily nap.

Cathy Chung

My People

We have 3 adult children. Steph, the oldest, is a CrossFit coach and competitor. Corey, is a mechanical engineer and lives nearby. Addison, is a student gymnast at the University of Iowa.

Rob and Steph

We welcomed Steph’s new husband, Rob, into our family in October 2018. 

Lunch Lady

One of my favorite things is serving lunch to my friends at a women’s shelter in Boston. I miss them, but celebrate when they leave the shelter for permanent housing.

Brown Sugar Girl

Chocolate’s not bad, but I prefer caramel, toffee and pralines. As for ice cream, coffee is my favorite.


I love tasty food, interesting sauces, cheese, roasted vegetables, picatta & marsala anything, Chinese, pad tai, YUM! 

Church Lady

I never dreamed I’d be the church lady. Serve, teach, blog, read, tweet and post!! My focus is God.

decorative image landscape

Florida native who belongs in New England

I love the seasons, particularly the fall. My ‘little slice of heaven’ is lakefront near forested mountain hiking trails. 

dog lover Cathy Chung

Dog Lover

Love giving other people's dogs love!

Platelet Donor

I call it my spa treatment. Watch a movie from a chaise lounge under warm blankets while giving life to a cancer patient. It’s a win-win.



I call it dirt therapy. Just give me time in my garden and my soul is refreshed. In the quiet, I process life and listen for God’s inspiration. I feel the same way about shoveling snow.

Topics to Dig Into

Topics to Dig Into

Each post is a brief scriptural thought that will grow as you let it take root in your thoughts.
Or stay longer, dig into one area of interest and plant a whole garden.

What's New?


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He Knows You

he knows you

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God is present and active in our lives, often working through people and 'coincidences'. Thank and praise Him!

Making it Practical

park bench

Following Jesus in today's world can be challenging. But living according to Jesus' teaching is incredibly worthwhile.


lamp on hands

Learning about the culture and language of Bible times can reveal new meaning in familiar scriptures. Let's call them ah-ha moments.