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Cathy Chung

Cathy Chung is a writer, speaker, and lay pastor seeking ordination. After teaching the Bible for 15 years, she embarked on her seminary journey. She loves to write, preach, speak at women’s events, and has a heart for pastoral care. God showed Cathy grace even when she turned away from her faith and struggled with addiction. He reclaimed her life and fills her heart with joy and purpose. Cathy wants everyone to experience this amazing love and acceptance. She believes spending regular time in God’s Word, developing a personal relationship through prayer, and following His guiding voice will lead to a meaningful life beyond our expectations. Cathy is an empty nester who recently completed a Masters of Theological Studies at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. She lives near Boston.

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He Knows You

he knows you

God's love is unconditional. He knows our hearts and continually invites us into relationship.

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God is present and active in our lives, often working through people and 'coincidences'. Thank and praise Him!

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Following Jesus in today's world can be challenging. But living according to Jesus' teaching is incredibly worthwhile.


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Learning about the culture and language of Bible times can reveal new meaning in familiar scriptures. Let's call them ah-ha moments.