How Seeds Got Started

God’s hand has been all over Seeds of Scripture. He prepared and guided me every step of the way, something I was only able to see in hindsight.

After taking my first Bible study led by my Associate Pastor, she invited me to co-lead a small group saying “I see a leader in you.” I would have preferred to make cookies, but overcame my fear, sweaty palms and racing heart, to co-lead and pray out loud.

The next year, several of the women I had been encouraging in faith wanted to take their first Bible study. I heard a voice within me say “How could you bring them this far and leave them hanging?” That was the start of more than 15 years leading Bible studies.

Cathy and Liz

God has led me on a long journey

I’m living my dream, the dream God placed in my heart. As a young girl, I always wanted to be a teacher and often played school using my chalkboard and dolls. As I approached college, I planned to study math or English, but my parents told me “a gal can’t live on a teacher’s salary” and insisted I choose a different path.

I laugh. After being an engineer for 10 years and a stay-at-home mom for almost 10 more, God brought me back to teaching. As a volunteer teacher of God’s Word, I am compensated with the ‘ah-ha’ moments of sudden understanding and the privilege of seeing faith grow.

God equips the ones He calls

go make disciples

Leading study has helped me stay connected to God. Consistent quiet time and reflection on Scripture have been essential in developing my intimate relationship with God. He has revealed Himself in the Bible. I dig deep for the message, rest in it, listen for His voice, and make it personal – all of these draw me closer to Him.

One of my small groups consisted of busy young mothers. They laughed at the word ‘quiet’ in daily quiet time. But since they were often on their handheld devices, I began emailing them a small bit of scripture and a thought to reflect on. It was convenient to read as they waited for practice to finish or before the bus dropped their children at home.

They loved it. Since I was writing daily, I invited other friends to join my email list. Then friends-of-friends and family-of-friends requested these daily devotions and my low-tech list grew. I wrote and emailed devotions for 3 years. They loved it and I loved it. Looking back, I can see God’s hand preparing me. Years of Bible study equipped me to share and explain scripture, but as a child God gave me a love for learning, writing and teaching. God laughs. We can make our plans but His purpose will prevail.

You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail. Prov 19:21 (NLT)

At my church’s annual women’s retreat in 2013, our guest speaker mentioned her writer’s retreat. It’s hard to describe, but I was physically overwhelmed with an inner knowledge that I needed to attend. Yes, I believe it was God. I fought the feeling but it wouldn’t go away. I didn’t consider myself a writer. I just encouraged some friends. But the retreat leaders wanted to equip newbies, so obedient to what I felt was God’s call, I signed up.

Six months later the workshops were announced. I should have expected that God would arrange a blogging seminar. Even better, the instructor guided the newbies step-by-step through the process of designing a web page and creating the first post. Seeds of Scripture was born in October of 2013.


Lead me in the right path, O Lord. Make your way plain for me to follow. Psalm 5:8 (NLT)

Seeds of Scripture Logo

At first it was scary to write publicly, but recognizing God’s hand in the creation of this ministry reminded me that this is His work and not mine. God continues to bless me with new opportunities to teach, speak and write. It is a privilege to serve Him and I am excited to share His Word with you. I pray that your relationship with our amazing God will grow stronger by planting these Seeds of Scripture in your heart.

Why Seeds?

Both seeds and scripture provide hints about who I am. I love to garden and often call it ‘dirt therapy’. It’s my time to process life and talk to God. It’s good for my soul. I’m also pretty excited about scripture and believe God continues to speak to us through the Bible. I think we’d all benefit from daily quiet time with God but finding that space in our busy lives isn’t easy. And so Seeds of Scripture was conceived.

Seeds are small and Seeds of Scripture posts are brief. Each post is a short, meaningful, scriptural devotion to ponder throughout the day - a seed with potential for growth. And when seeds are planted this way and tended regularly, they grow strong, deep roots and become healthy, beautiful plants.

Since our busy schedules also make being regular in our time with God challenging, reminders are helpful. Signing up to receive Seeds provides a gentle nudge in your inbox that prompts you to nurture your heart for God by planting a new Seed.

My mission is to scatter Seeds of Scripture and encourage regular planting, but it is God who makes things grow. I trust that He will use these Seeds to grow His glorious kingdom.

Topics to Dig Into

Topics to Dig Into

Each post is a brief scriptural thought that will grow as you let it take root in your thoughts.
Or stay longer, dig into one area of interest and plant a whole garden.

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