Faith Journey

I’ve been a believer my whole life, but haven’t always known God. I attended a Christian school and loved church. I could tell Bible stories, recite key verses, and be a good Christian. But I didn’t know God’s love.

I feared God. Rather, I feared hell so I worked hard to earn a ticket to heaven. Following rules wasn’t very rewarding and life in the fast lane looked like fun, so I turned away from God. After a decade of poor choices I came back to church and worked even harder at being a good Christian. But how much was enough to please God and make up for those years? I was never quite sure.

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I didn’t know the height and depth of God’s love that surpasses knowledge. Ephesians 3:18-19

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Bible note from mom

I rediscovered church when I was newly married and my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I needed some answers and I pleaded with God to heal her. Tears streamed down my cheeks every time I closed my eyes for prayer and I promised God I’d be a better Christian.

My mother, who never talked about her faith but modeled it daily, encouraged me to take a Bible study. I loved studying and enjoyed piecing the familiar Sunday school stories together into a larger narrative. But it became more than a story. It was transformational.

The daily reading and prayer became personal as I sought the heart of God.

I began looking beyond the information in His words in order to hear the message. I saw His faithfulness to fulfill His promises and His willingness to use crazy, messed up people like me.

I began to trust Him and believe that He could still love me. It was a slow process, but when I finally accepted His forgiveness, I felt free, exactly as the Bible describes. It was as if a huge weight had been lifted away. He erased my guilt and shame. The only response is to follow Him. I am His.

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God saved me by grace and I can’t take any credit. Salvation is a gift, not a reward for anything I’ve done. Ephesians 2:8-9

I’m increasingly filled with joy and purpose as I learn to hear His voice and follow His plan for my life. He has stretched me beyond my safe, comfortable religion into a fulfilling life with purpose. His purpose.

I have a passion for others to discover the heart of Jesus and experience the truly meaningful life He offers. God reveals Himself to us through Scripture and through the life of Jesus. His Words have a relevant message for each of us.

I have taught Sunday school, adult Bible study and confirmation classes for more than 15 years and am pursuing a Masters in Divinity so I can minister with greater understanding.

My deepest desire is to be used by Him to help others discover this joyful, fulfilling life.

Cathy Chung
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Topics to Dig Into

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